Decred soon to breakout?

POLONIEX:DCRBTC   Decred / Bitcoin
DCR has been on a steady uptrend for over a month. The support line is holding extremely well with 4 tests so far. The resistance has been tested 5 times with one false breakout. Bullish descending wedge now nearly formed and breakout looks imminent. Fib levels are holding strong and breakout will test important resistance level . Conservatively, buy on confirmation of breakout at 840k sats and close position at 1040000 sats (141.4% fib level) — resulting in 25% gain. Optimistic - buy at 840k sats , set stop loss at 950k sats once 141.4% fib hit, then keep riding the wave.
Good call. I have holding this one for awhile now. Very stable coin. It is being listed in Hong Kong exchange FEX(HK) early February so expect a strong move to .01 soon
michae2xl AspenShredder
@AspenShredder, has a lot more events Decred..
Any update on this trade?
ljb7 BenCarson
@BenCarson, not yet broken out but just about to test the support so I expect it will very soon. I received some feedback in another group from @carlcauchi5, he bought up the fact that there is a large cup forming when you zoom out, see 6hr chart (starting Sep). So all in all, I expect there to be a breakout very soon, followed by retracement, and then when the cup fully forms I expect a large breakout.
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@ljb7, now I can see anything
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