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Clearly we are seeing here a strong classic cubic             growth attempting to transition into hexagonal matrix here. Makes sense - Decred's technological superiorness is fitting to the most optimal geometric             structure - but does it have what it takes to transform into the hex? I'm not so sure just yet.

Today DCR release v1.0. Lots of tech stuff coming out that are enough to give any crypto addict middle of the night blanket lifting wood. Hard fork voting. Boom. A stakeholder-directed DAO. Boom. Decentralized control of development funds. Boom. Okay, I'm just copying and pasting now, but you get the idea. Great tech stuff. You can read their media which all their holders are going to do whatever they can to make sure you hear about it today.

The question I ask is: so what?

What's the story? What's the thing I can get behind and feel some connection to? I got technology saturation going on in my world. Tech everywhere. Updates throwing themselves at me at every corner I turn. So what?

Fundamentally and technologically, DCR has those things mastered and that is great. But culturally? Emotionally? I need to hear much more than just some ambition and willingness to do anything to be a top 5 coin. You guys want to be rich? How inspiring, where do I sign?

As you can see, there's a dark shadow there looming behind the first cube. Then above there is a hexagonal opening. All the people attached to DCR hope it will go to the next level and upgrade to hex growth, but I don't see that happening. Rolling out new tech advances constantly is wearing very thin and the competition at the top is strong. You think they are there just because of tech? Great tech is maybe 1/3rd of the battle. Litecoin doesn't need to be better tech to continue dominating something like Decred because it has a story. It's little brother. It's the silver             to the gold             . Human, relatable stuff.

The big wave of mass adoption is coming - if your features list requires you to be born inside the internet and up to date with inner workings of PoS             and Hardforking and whatever other things you come up with designed to give the 1% of the 1% of the elite developers community wood, you're going to struggle to be in top 50, let alone top 5.

Maybe go long, but I wouldn't expect more than cubic             channel continuing until the next time a swarm forms. Personally, for now I'm sitting this one out. But I was asked to chart this by someone from Decred so that's it from me.
評論: Sitting this one out for now appears to have been the correct move. I have hope for Decred, and obviously they are attempting a kind of hivemind currency. Superficially, it looks good. But underneath the seen? What are the unseen forces are holding it back? The cubic channel continues now, how far depends on how long it takes for DCR to realise the real systemic transformation that needs to happen which has nothing to do with code.

In a bee colony, each bee is completely selfless. Equals. They will die for the cause. This is at polar opposite to the idea of bringing together a bunch of elites to work primarily for self interest under the guise of a greater good. I'm not saying that is what the situation is here. But I'm not saying it isn't, either.

評論: Yesterday holders were expecting a rally leading up to the release of v1.0. However, the opposite happened. And 1.0 wasn't released. Release day for v1.0 has been bumped up to 27th July, but you never know, there might be a Bitcoin rally on that day as well and more bugs may be discovered. The shadow is dark on this one.

評論: Please note it was a typo above - it should have read 27 Apr not Jul. What arrests my attention however is that such a strong culture of 'bitcoin killer' in DCR cowered away in the face of a BTC run. I'm too corrupted myself to believe the story of a bug last minute. I see no links to github issues of this bug or transparent dialogue of the discussion of this bug being identified.
評論: It looks like those bugs for DCR got fixed earlier than expected so they could release their delayed release just coincidently in time with a BTC dump after a rally.What was it, released like on the hour after a massive unsustainable BTC bull run? Who'd of thought. Here's a chart with a comparison to BTCUSD. It's nice when things conveniently line up like that. Unfortunately although a bit of a pump did incur, the market obviously wasn't in it for anything longer than short gains. The plummet to earth continues. The poison inside will continue to hurt. When will Logan realises he needs to open his heart and fight for something more than himself again?
評論: Down he goes, descending into the darkness. As he falls, the victim blames. He blames bitcoin. He blames this. Or that. How long does the fall continue? That depends when the blaming ends. Is hope lost? Nope. I see an icosahedron forming on the right there.. wtf is that? More to follow.
評論: Interesting journey for DCR.. Let's see anything has been learned and applied
Love your deepness, representation & awareness.. So strong... Right or wrong, you are real. Pleasure
@jrcpac, Salute
Very entertaining commentary. Lol. Cheers from Canada
@psp, good to hear :) Cheers
hex life is crazy
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@AaronX, Yes
for you price up or down?
@ste2303, Down. Much work needs to be done before significant up. There's nothing hex about this. Lock in some sideways or downward cubic growth for now. If I were an investor, I would want to see developer chat logs as well as git commits v1.0 release which held up release. All my indicators say DCR cowered in the face of a BTC bull run and have strategically re-released at an anticipated BTC dump. That's not the hero I follow. That is the leader of fools.
27th July you write above. More like tomorrow...
@Sharkwinn, Thanks for correction. It's 27th April
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