SegWit activation coming soon!

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Today and the following weeks will be very important for DigiByte crypto currency. DigiByte will probably be one of the first to adopt SegWit (https://segwit.digiexplorer.info/) and so it can attract a lot of attention in the media. It also can become a testing polygon (in the production environment) for new technologies.
SegWit is an interesting technical solution invented by Bitcoin’s team. SegWit opens a whole new world of possibilities that can greatly accelerate the pace of global adoption for the revolutionary new technology of blockchain. SegWit has the potential to bring Ethereum-like smart contracts and developments to the rigidity and security proven by decentralized, proof of work UTXO based blockchains such as Bitcoin             , Litecoin and DigiByte. Once SegWit is activated it becomes possible to set up a Lighting Network and implement instant payments, without worrying about block confirmation times.
Beside Segwit, DigiByte already has good technical characteristics (it is faster than Bitcoin             , safe with multialgo mining etc.). It is rising in popularity and exists for more than 3 years (gaming industry, shops etc.). It seems like it has good development team with a vision and has solid support from the community (regarding SegWit support). From the price perspective - current price is lower than max. historical price. Price is in uptrend and the coin has solid trading volume (Poloniex, Bittrex).
Some links to study:
Do your own research before investing!
What has happened here? , why not PUMP?
PositiveMinds Trabajoxmoney
@Trabajoxmoney, It seems that the price for Segwit was already calculated in the price. Segwit project is going on. I think that there is still place for an uptrend in the near feature. But nobody knows what exactly is going to happen. The similar situation is with Litecoin …
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