POLONIEX:DGBBTC   DigiByte / Bitcoin
Digibyte close to reaching bottom and bouncing back to previous support/now resistance. Best entry would be at around the fibonacci . 786 retracement .
Thumps up for this PRO analysis! Keep it up! :D
luchostocks btctrading7
@btctrading7, Thank you very much! I will!
Got DGB at 2400, And Holding it now. What you advice to leave or hold for some more time ?
luchostocks RaviNaik
@RaviNaik, I do not recommend to sell right now by any fact I would add some more to my positions. It's your decision, but I say HOLD.
dalanfsu RaviNaik
@RaviNaik, same buy price here too... I chose to buy a little more and hold
Thank you. Can you please share your thoughts if any about the long hold for this coin. Any chance to get higher than 1800 on the long run or what is the expected range low / high during the next period. Good work.
@Ostaaz, I now expeect DGB to consolidate for a few days, it would be very a healthy sign after such a correction...I see two possiblities: 1) the lower trendline (shown in green) could act as a support and the resistance could be at the 1600/1800 levels forming an ascending triangle and looking to break it in the mid-term...2) if trendline doesn't hold, a price channel channel could form between the 970-100 and 1600-1800 levels...I hope you understand what I'm trying to explain, let me know!
Ostaaz luchostocks
@luchostocks, yes, got it and thank you so much for your insights.
@Ostaaz, Perfect! No problem!
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