PLNX:DGB/BTC Chart Projection

POLONIEX:DGBBTC   DigiByte / Bitcoin
So looking back on Digibyte it has done this spike to .0000100 before however the current spike is running off the same juice all alts are since the winklevoss ETF was denied, money started pouring back into alts once people realized bitcoin wasn't going to double that day. so while it might come down i think its upward trend since the 3/10 will at least be maintained. There's a buttload of volume still going on, also i've been researching the company all day today and they have a solid idea, relevant currently usable applications, yadda yadda yadda in other words as good of a chance as any other coin out there and its really really cheap right now so why not. I only went in for like $10
交易進行: it would appear DGB chose to take all three of the paths i offered from the bottom up. LOL
Do you think this is a good hold with segwit now being approved
Ninjatoast bigs2102408
@bigs2102408, i think it's a good long term hold, sit on it for a month or longer and cash it out (well long term in crypto world) anyway there's a little chatter here and there so it may do something i dont see it lasting i think the SegWit FUD and FOMO has worn thin. That said i bought like $5 at .00000096 yesterday, i'm gonna check on it in a few months
Ninjatoast Ninjatoast
@Ninjatoast, i'm not in a hurry to get into it cause if it drops again like it always has every other time its pumped you could easily lose 50% if you bye in now. not worth the risk to me. not for anything i cant afford to lose at least.
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