Digibyte | DGBBTC - 1 year ago and now same timeframes

POLONIEX:DGBBTC   DigiByte / Bitcoin
Let's see if it happens again, bull market must be confirmed. It plays out well until now on the same timeframes as last year.
In bull market we will get much more volume then last year.
nice point @CoinManiak.. Also for this moment we have STRONG BUY on indicator gauge... and.. 0 SELL 10 NEUTRAL 16 BUY indicators... That's very very promising. Good set up. It is great chance that your idea will respect your timeframes. I mean breakup of yellow ellipse during hot summer July.
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CoinManiak damdamm
@damdamm, thank you for your comments, I hope so I think it's doing well and May will be more bullish. July = Euphoria.
I was gonna call crazy but this seems very likely now....
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if DGB flies its going to be due to some huge news in terms of adoption of its tech. Lately there's been so much going on in terms of development and marketing that this one is just sleeping volcano waiting to erupt. I've been buying this coin since its lows and i hope price still stays at lows so that i can stash up more.
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XenoBiologist blackswan
@blackswan, There's some huge news coming, Harvard is taking an interest in this coin...! And Mobile wallets are coming soon
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damdamm XenoBiologist
@XenoBiologist, and also hard fork is planned in summer.. Indicators look VERY positive. take a look at gauge like I told STRONG BUY. We haven't seen it for long time. And suddenly here it is.
Your ascend trend is quiet early, not May, that's not a healthy accumulation, not with this this total market cap. It'll require more time, at least early October
damdamm therock3xr
@therock3xr, My friend also told like this and only reason why is FOMO because he will have money in July to put into DGB and scared he will be late.

Personally I think it is already started to warming up. And timing of top is always difficult mystery.. :D
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CoinManiak therock3xr
@therock3xr, it’s just compared to last year. And why not? When Bitcoin is bullish confirmed the total marketcap will fly ;)
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