DGB Digibyte Bullish Breakout Alert 400%+ LONG

BITTREX:DGBBTC   DigiByte / Bitcoin
DIGIBYTE Breakout Alert!!!!

MAC D about to cross over on 4hr chart = BULLISH
RSI Trending up on 1 day and 4hr = BULLISH
7 MA over 77 MA on 1 day chart = Strong Breakout Candidate SBC!!!!
Volume tailed off shown on histogram = Breakout soon to happen

All aboard the gain train! CHOO CHOO!!!!!

This coin still has plenty of room to grow and will grow at least another 100% in the coming week or two. Get in now for some quick gains. LET'S GET THIS MONEY! $$$$

Targets are based on fibonacci levels shown in the 1 day graph below:

Do your own research before buying this coin. I am not an expert and this is only an idea of mine.

If you would like to tip me with some of your earnings:

My DGB Wallet: D77rwkgBznvnZAkwuEEqfonvraTXinFpUa
My BTC 1.16% Wallet: 1JWGq6YWoENLK1nrRRtCUQeARcod78Za37
My LTC Wallet: LTddysmLQr1v1wusHgDG4CLjeSsJ1FQbUZ
My ETH Wallet: 0x1676ae4c42028fc1a4e6fc6338e677337d7fdc6c
評論: DGB Digibyte made a hell of a push today already breaking 560. Let's get to 1000 satoshis by the end of this week!!
評論: And we are off to the races. Over 700 sats
評論: DGB over 800. Let's hit 1000 next!
評論: DGB still looking strong. Let's keep her movin!
What do you think our sell Target should be set at
yankee3313 Cryptouprise
@Cryptouprise, sell wherever you feel comfortable with your profits. Major levels of resistance are the Fibonacci levels I the picture I posted.
Lets hit 1dollar soon!
+1 回覆
when does it happen, Sir?
+1 回覆
yankee3313 bibanhoai
@bibanhoai, I think it will start upward movement today! Look out!
Kotzaaa yankee3313
@yankee3313, Hey mate! Any update since the BTC pump threw a wrench in the works!? Is it still on track? Cheers :)
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yankee3313 Kotzaaa
@Kotzaaa, yes this is still on track. Progress will resume after the BTC pull run subsides. Until then there are sale prices on pretty much all alts. Get em while they are hot!
Kotzaaa yankee3313
@yankee3313, me again! Sorry to annoy I can't read graphs for sh*t... how's it looking now? Obviously made some gains since that bad boy BTC came to disrupt things.

Also as a 2nd question: what's your opinion on Sia Coin (SC)?
Kotzaaa Kotzaaa
@Kotzaaa, Just saw your latest edit. No worries.
+1 回覆
yankee3313 Kotzaaa
@Kotzaaa, how’s it looking now? ;)
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