DGD/BTC - Potential break out soon(TM)

DGD seems interesting atm. I was gonna post this 15 mins earlier but there was an issue with my ISP .

Technically it touched the slim box, but go easy on this, there is no DIV to confirm a reversal. Volume is slowly rising though.
評論: Massive candle on the 30mins. about to break channel resistance.
評論: Braking out of channel.
評論: Target reached, big resistance at 31k sats.
交易結束:目標達成: Taking profit and probably will re- enter after a pull back.
評論: Medium target reached, pretty impressive in such a short time. Too bad i cashed out. :)
評論: Its hard to know whats its next move at this point. Complicated structure to have an EW count. But something will happen soon. BB squeezing in + cymetrical triangle.
評論: In case it goes up, WITH VOLUME! Its targeting the extreme box for point (B) of the overall correction, after that its an easy short call IMO.
評論: Probably going up, im not taking the trade tho, neither advice you to do so.
Evaluate the R:R before taking a decision.
評論: And this is why im not gonna take the trade as of now...
評論: Rising Wedge. At best it will hit the medium box before going down.
Bearish short term.
評論: It reached extreme, but it was extreme for a reason... Bitcoin should start stabilizing soon so if the inverse relationship works everytime this should come down soon. Also there are DIVs on lower timeframes...
評論: Hey guys. I haven't update this for a while but i have been trading it to check if the inverse relationship with Bitcoin is true, thats why i linked another idea for you to check.

It has reached at 2 cricial fib levels right now, so in the short term i expect it to retrace before trying for higher ( if thats possible).
評論: crucial or critical ** I was thinking which word to use and as you can see i ended up with a mixture of both! :)
評論: More down trend, almost halfway there.
評論: It bounced at the fib but only cause of bitcoin retracing. But we are almost there.

Well done thank you
How do you like it now with these last hammers?
Acel trenncost
@trenncost, idk yet, it found support at the mid line of the BB on lower time frames, so thats a good sign. You can see how its gonna react as its reaching Apex. I wont be around to update probably.

@Acel, do you think we can reach higher high tonite? seems like it want to run
Acel Richard_Peterson
@Richard_Peterson, i honestly dont know. Its already night here but i guess you would mean in ~10 hours from now. There is no clear signal IMO. From my little experience this patterns usually has a fake breakout upwards and then it lands a lot lower.

Its hard to see an EW count on this structure, chances are its on small wave b since its a triangle and it will go down for the smaller C.

I will post an update as we have more data, hopefully on time.
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Great way to profit on the dips. Can you imagine what the value of this will go to if it replaces tether since it will be backed by gold eventually? That's why I've set my sell orders starting at .04, greedy I guess.
@IkemenJ, Instead, you can try to find the support and resistances and keep sell them to the resistance and buy them from the support and you will get more profits.
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Acel IkemenJ
@IkemenJ, Idk if this would replace Tether eventually, its hard to beat the printing game !
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DGD always seems to react inversely to BTC for some odd reason. I was looking at the chart prior to breakout, but I'm also trapped in a bad loss in SALT and didn't know if it was worth the risk. I guess it was haha. Fucking SALT.
Acel donyewuc
@donyewuc, Yeah the majority of alts are dropping, Bitcoin will consolidate soonish so we might see some green hours/days on alts.

About that inverse relationship, someone told me the same thing before but never bothered to check it, seems true so far.
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