DNT... breakout imminent coming days? Or double top?

BITTREX:DNTBTC   district0x / Bitcoin
DNT is a fast mover today. Broke out of the horizontal resistance, and may go on to retest the recent high near 1067 satoshis.

But I must war, it is still in the range to form a double top . It may need more time to consolidate as well, there is low volume , and this was a strong upmove. However, I can see it reaching this price target within coming days. It's a good swing trade setup.

Stops can be placed just below the blue support line, near 660. I also want to say that support seems to extends from 880-865, not on a single line.

I have also noticed a cup and handle formation, though this chart is on the 1 hr , keep in mind. But it's not the "cup and handle" that matter, it's the idea behind this formation. There was a potential (rounded) bottom formed, followed by an upmove, and now there is a lesser period of consolidation.

If DNT closes above the previous high, that would signal a higher high, and a higher low. All it needs is a bit more volume and there she goes.
But beware, until we breakout, this could theoretically become a double top ( bearish ), though I believe it is the less likely scenario

Still, patience is king. Wait for the breakout with confirmation. There is a strong upmove, and if you have money to lose, try your luck. But you are an educated gambler, not a trader!
評論: Stops near 860, not 660. Apologies
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