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as i told it almost reached first target you should sell it 98-102. Then buy it around75 and wait for second target
Does your assessment still stand? I feel I'd be waiting till it's all over...for me anyway...before anyone see the '70s again. I also feel 120 is where we're aiming to break-out from. Never to return to 100....oh sure close...a few times even.

It all depends if this breed of dog (as a community) is a fox in disguise. I'm stacking 'em up here just like I was in the 20s. Like so many others.

I don't know what this is, not being a Shibe 'n all but I do know one thing...this isn't some P&D!
slhckr cryptyx
@cryptyx, in my opinion in this week it will goes down but am not sure if it sees 70's. maybe this bullish movement changes it to 80's. So i will wait for thursday if it starts to rise from 80's then i will buy it for selling 130 sat.
cryptyx slhckr
@slhckr, I'm unsure if it'll make it to the eighties either but I hope you're right. Your idea convinced me to take my profits and reverse my margin. I'll be happy to see it reach the mid 90s and then reverse back to a long.

Thank your for the feedback.
could u ntell me we can buy from where ?
slhckr MrAmrXMohameD
@MrAmrXMohameD, it is just an idea if you aren't in wait for 70's and buy from 74-73 just watch it. then give an order to sell around 120 sat.
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