POLONIEX:DOGEBTC   Dogecoin / Bitcoin
338 5
one of my fav altocoin. it so cute!
very fast transaction.

im marking that this could a momentum to the coin.
交易進行: if the candle bul close upper tha 70, it go higher. until 90 sat.
交易結束:目標達成: Dogecoin just fiish it climb.. time to sleep now.
I own a hefty amount of DOGE... Not exactly sure but I do think that once the Japanese truly wake up to crypto, they'll like the dog... Its Japanese... But can you tell me why you like it? I need some motivation to hold tight. Everyone says im crazy...
doqstrader bluswan555
@bluswan555, this coin among earlier has came out. n can sustain until now. i see xchanger, shapeshift, chagelly. that mean many users use it. and i think it also faster than eth my experince converting with shapeshift.
bluswan555 doqstrader
@doqstrader, yes, i have experienced it being fast as well...
Also one of my favourite coins, I am waiting for 130+ satoshi. Do you think is doable?
doqstrader Alibi01
@Alibi01, there resistance at 90 sat. my drop a bit. or depend. u aready have doge, just hold. unless price close lower than black line 60 sat.
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