Dogecoin about to go 3-4x

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Yea, there is a lot going on here, Doge seems to have a pretty simple pattern to it tho. There is always a pre-moon dip and the rallies are explosive and quick (have orders set and waiting). In the macd histogram you'll notice that the bullish momentum has been gaining each rally. And if you looked at the 1w chart you'de see the bearish momentum is decreasing. This while making higher lows at the bottoms and higher highs relative to the 1st and 2nd rally there. I think this rally could be pretty big. On the 1w the RSI looks like it could really reach into that "overbought" zone this time. Buying in the 30s and selling in the 100s seems very reasonable.

手動結束交易: I sold half at ~140. I decided I would keep half because I have actually held this for almost a year. I expect Doge to have more upside once bitcoin finally finds a top. so I'm willing to wait to sell the other half. Also if you look back further than this chart allows on coinmarketcap you'll see the first bubble had an initial spike and retrace.
評論: closed the rest at 100. done with this.
評論: Same trade is in play, but with a better entry. Im a seller at 80-120sat. I think it could have a short lived spike as it makes it's way toward a Big pump further down the road.
評論: Here's a clusterfucky chart with all my scribbles and shit on it. We're in my sell zone. guess I'll sell half, maybe I'll just sell it all just because this is retarded tho, lol. I've got way too many dog coins.
Very nice analysis.
Nice - I would never have looked at Doge to be honest bt I reckon this is worth a bit of flutter... thanks for the heads up, let's hope it works out!
Thank you Jopendus! I bought at 37. Hope the rally will start very soon!
Nice analysis... I might bought some to put that to a test ;)
Fabricus Fabricus
By the way, any idea(s) on the timeframe?
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