DOGEBTC - Who let the DOGE out?

BITTREX:DOGEBTC   Dogecoin / Bitcoin
DOGE is dead! RIP DOGE! Its a shit coin! Really? Do you really care if it gives you back 10X returns on your investment?

This coin is making investors happy no matter what fundamentals have to say. It just matter at what time you put in your money in this. This coin has survived years of trashing and big traders know something that small ones dont.

Chart says there has been a huge investment into this. Why would someone invest huge on this shit coin then?

Reason - If you can get into this coin in less than 20 satoshi, its a great way to survive the massive bear runs in crypto world. I would prefer DOGE to USDT Tether at these levels. Coins dont get lower than this and DOGE has solid support by Hard wallets. Play safe!
評論: Here goes the train to the moon. History repeats so badly :)
Spotted something very similar chief... but i saw it as a 7 month cycle
Hi, do you potentially expect it to visit that lower trend line frist? 9 sats?
I am talking about its transaction speed
I bought doge at 19 sat and first target around 58 sat
Doge has great potential not as investor's view but look at its fundamentals its more faster than btc
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vickygautam SunilKumar00
@SunilKumar00, Where are you looking at Sunil?
anything 20 sats or below is an instant buy imo
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Thanks Vic. I have invested at 18 SAT and looking forward to the Moon ride
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MoonPickle Fragnstein
@Fragnstein, nice!
vickygautam Fragnstein
@Fragnstein, Thats nice! I am sure you are reaping the profits now already
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