A healthy correction ain't a crash !!!

BITTREX:DOGEBTC   Dogecoin / Bitcoin
Too many people are afraid of the crash of cryptocurrencies having seen how ripple, bitcoin had fallen double digit in a single day. Welcome to the new normal. This class of unique assets (if it can be classified as one) has these characteristics, high volatility . It can works both ways and I think that is the draw or charm of this "asset" to many.

It's a quick ticket to making fast money (read - also lose fast money) literally in minutes if you are precise a the timing of execution. A veteran trader once shared with me, no matter how the market becomes, always stay cool, do not get too emotional and trade with your head not your heart.

At this juncture, position sizing is crucial. Ensure your position size does not increase unnecessarily just because you have a few wins (luck or no luck). Better to stay constant and make the smaller profits but consistent one than to "show hand" unless you have deep pockets with lots of cash to burn.

Unlike in a football game, you do not stick to one role you have been given. Here, in trading this cryptocurrencies, you have to wear 2 hats - striker and defender. Know when to attack but also constantly be cautious and work on your defence as we'll.

Defence here refers to your Stop loss - not increasing it when you have a losing position. Don't bang on hope and increase your SL , hoping the price action would swing otherwise later. You would be sorely disappointed and pay money to learn your lessons. Be strict on your SL, 50 pips is50 pips, do not adjust to 75 or 100. Cut the loss , accept it and move on - that's part and parcel of this game.

Defence also means knowing when NOT TO trade. Unless you are a professional trader, I think for most of us who have a day job or working on other projects, it is not and often better to trade daily. I do this intentionally when I have a few lucky wins consecutively for a few days.I stopped for fear of heart rules over head. It often does - greed monster wants to take over your logical mind. Be warned !

Look at a Doge chart, starting from 2015 to now, with daily candles and see what you all think. A trend line will show you that each year between June and September, Doge goes from a massive low to a an ATH, coming up and touching the trend line. If it does this same thing again this year and touches the trend line, we're talking about some very serious gains. Now would be the time to buy, since it is still near the low end.
All good words, I enjoyed reading this. Some very sage advice.

I think sometimes patience and not wanting to have what they call "weak hands" can be seen as greed by others.

Be sure as you can be and hold to your convictions. Sometimes taking a loss is a gain, even for the lesson learned.

I've taken many a loss looking for those 3 digit gains.
dchua1969 cryptyx
@cryptyx, thank you for your kind comments. Wow, 3 digit gains.....you must have deep pockets to begin with , haha.

The world has changed so much with all these technology disruption that just being updated on what's going on is crazy enough less to say participate in it. We are living in a VUCA world today. As such, I tend to be more cautious with cryptocurrencies (the fever here ain't as strong or crazy like in Japan , China or South Korea), preferring to go for short term play. All the best to your trading, stay safe and use SL .
cryptyx dchua1969
@dchua1969, Volatility is our friend...uncertainty and confusion not so much. Nothing wrong with playing it safe for 10-20-30% gains and there's plenty of those to be found on a daily basis.

Tight Bollingers on the 1 month 4 hour chart is what I look for first. The trend is your friend and the bears are mostly scary...just a matter of patience and whether to increase your position on the dip or take your loss. Bitcoin movement effects individual trades differently.

Some day I hope to share ideas as well. Thanks for sharing yours.

I bought the dip
sold at 90 and bout SC instead :D
bought the dip.
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