Dash, RSI bullish divergence. Weekly looks good too.

BITFINEX:DSHBTC   Dashcoin / Bitcoin
56 2
Keep in mind my last few have been stinkers (in my defense it hasn't been an easy market to pick winners). So follow at own risk.

Purely a TA call here. Keep in mind palm beach had this pumping before, so it may have been well overvalued. I would suggest a trailing stop. I haven't looked at anything further in than 4hr graph either.

Only worry is volume is depressingly low.

Bitfinex short and long graphs would support a long call. Weekly graph also looks good (especially macd ).

Watch to make sure cupping action can break through loose trend line . Smart money may wait for break but I'm willing to lightly test the waters atm with a small play (also since I only check graphs once a week I don't want to miss anything).

BTC equivalent is at approx 40% ath .
USD is at about 25% of ath .

Also currently watch-listing LISK, QTUM, ICON, ADA .
Jesus, that went better than expected hahaha
Once again watch out for that low volume and those trend lines.
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