Rising Earnings per Share for Devon Energy

The Earnings of Devon Energy Corporation started to climb from December 2016 and between August and but only in September of 2017 the stock price started to show a recognizable trending behavior, All this added to a rising Crude Oil Futures is a good argument for add this stock to a portfolio.
Another good quality of this stock is your high beta coefficient (2.65) very high compared with others in this sector.
Earnings per Share:
My technical point of view here is:
After a down trend movement from December 2016 to July 2017 I can appreciate now how the price is making new higher highs and higher lows and for identify this I only place some support and resistance lines around some key levels 34.20 the most recent place the 37.30.
And now in the present is easy to identify a resistance breakout with your respective pullback in the 37.30 area. This is a good point to entry here in the now but it remains to be know what will happen in the future with that line of resistance around the level of 50.00 for a speculative trade looks good if the price target is 50.00 and if the price reach that level close the trade and bye. But for a long term investing (Years) I do not know because Technical Analysis can not gimme with accuracy what will happen in the future.
Like Ed Seykota say "There is no math to get you out of having to experience uncertainty"
Other way to handle this trade is to make the decision to close or hold in the future based on how the price behaves when it reaches that level and watch over the position like a hawk
For more details look the daily chart

Opinions are for educational purposes. I am not licensed to provide investment advice but I try than my opinions looks the more realistic way.
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