the coup de gras.

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I finnaly got some sleep. i get a bit punchy after the 2nd day. so i wanna wrap this up so i can finish my homework and get ready for midterms. my mother would say i sleep till the sun burns a hole in my ass.

does anyone elses mother say that? just curious anyway

so i see a possible domino effect of patterns and want everyone to trade safe. good luck folks

anyway leave a comment in the section below i enjoy hearing others thoughts opinions

as always this is not investment advice

i see a moment of clarity coming from the big names here just an interesting article that i just read that explains better than i can how i see things going. Of course, I am no expert and i realize my common sense approach may seem odd. If you have the time i would recommend this article. i was emailing it to a friend thought i would share. Been sick for a while ill try to update what i can for anyone listening.
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