Double bottom on Ebay?

Interesting looking chart! This $29.41 price point is a very strong one. We plan to continue to watch this trade over the next few days and potentially weeks into earnings . If you want to watch over this trade with me, plus many more ~ trade with us this week during the open house!

All the information you seek is below.

January 9th             through 14th - ENRICHMENT WEEK AT REAL LIFE TRADING!!!

The Day Trading Room is free and open for everyone. That room is open 9 am Eastern to 2 pm Eastern Monday through Friday. Here's the link for the day trading room:

January 9th             will be Mentorship Monday. I will record 3 hours of content on that day and email it out to everyone. It's going to be great.

That Tuesday I will also be sending out the Weekly Options Newsletter for everyone, also totally free.

Keep in mind, we only do the Enrichment Week twice a year. The next one will be in June 2017.

We also have an afternoon swing trading room, from 5-6 pm Eastern each day. Monday - Friday. This class is recorded all the time for those who work full time or simply can't attend live or simply want to review the analysis, conversations, questions, answers and trade set ups.

Here is your link for the afternoon swing trading room:

Thanks for helping us Enrich Lives!
I'm exiting this EBAY swing that @cttrader21 , @justinliam and a few others are/were or MIGHT be in. VERY Small gain.. but earnings is approaching and it never really did what we wanted. :)

wedge break REAL soon
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