BITTREX:EBSTBTC   eBoost / Bitcoin
So picked this one up on the go @4200.
Got a huge boost (get it :) ), and dropped heavely again.
Was thinking to get my profits out of it, but I think there may be more to this one.

Volume has increased dramaticly, the price has settled at 0.5 fib level and there is still news coming out on 15th jan and an airdrop this month.
If it gets another pump, it could go to the next fib level @24k or even higher @30k.

Filled my bags a week ago at .50 cents and still holding strong. I agree with you and think it will pump over the next week do to news on 1/15 and airdrop.
AndreasAerts millitrades
@millitrades, Happy that I'm not the only one seeing its potential :)
GeneralBe AndreasAerts
@AndreasAerts, you still believe in this coin? What about the $ALA? What is going to happen?
AndreasAerts GeneralBe
@GeneralBe, Yup I'm a believer :)

It didn't go as planned, but there is a real project behind this.
The coin is used for payments between gamers, so that in itself is better then most coins.
Somewhere in february it will also be listed on Okex.

$ALA (or Alaris) is also a great project.
This will be a platform for developers (as I understand it) and already has contracts with the governement in Böden in Sweden.
So again great news.

You can get $ALA by staking eBoost on
But more info will be coming out soon as you can read on the website.

So because it is a project with an actual working goal (both $EBST and $ALA) and
supply of both coins will be limited:
* $EBST: staking = less coins being traded
* $ALA: only way to get it is true staking

Means the price will rise...

As an additional benefit you can ask questions to the gaming director, Marshall Long, directy via the telegramchannel
they have. Being able to directly chat with management of a coin is pretty special, I think.
GeneralBe AndreasAerts
@AndreasAerts, Thank you for explaining me! One last question to make shure I understand correct: So both coins will keep on existing. But the only way you can 'buy' ALA is by staking EBST?
AndreasAerts GeneralBe
@GeneralBe, That is the information at this moment.
may 23rd is when they will be handed to the stakers.
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