eBoost - #EBSTBTC surging!!!

BITTREX:EBSTBTC   eBoost / Bitcoin
The eBoost cryptocurrency price hits the top with another resistance, as it is currently in the PUMP phase (mass buying). Target levels are marked on the graph.
評論: Next target: 0.0001433. :)
評論: Yes, those are short-term targets. Potentially it will go much higher than this. :)
交易進行: My bad. Did not include 400% geometry level and it looks like it was spot on (0.0001553). There is still a chance for a touch of 0.0001632 but lower now.
交易結束:目標達成: Perfectly hit all the targets and even more!!! Now in the corrective cycle. New analysis coming soon! :)
手動結束交易: The market retraced 61% of the previous swing down an now is trading below the golden trend line. A breakout above the level of 0.0001481 is needed for further gains. Otherwise, the market will continue to unfold a downside corrective cycle. Waiting. Patience.
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I'm still holding. They have news on 1/15 and airdrop. I think its going to surge way up.
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dropping like a rock, will it pump again
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Can you update targets and entry levels for long term considering 15 and 31 jan. ? Has this made the correction and found the support level around 10-12k sat. and ready for another journey or it hasn’t enough fuel ?
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Got stopped out at .00016, how much higher can we expect? would a buy in now (currently .00017900) be wise?
+1 回覆
Basically right now at around 14k sat, could we still expect growth while Bitcoin is retracing downwards? Because of Bitcoin's dominance...
+1 回覆
Is the current 12610 a good entry point or is it better to wait for a bit more retracement?
@yigitfatih, This is just a chart.
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Man ! It's Done !! What's the next target ?
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