Perfect Time@Mode Example in EEM Emerging Markets ETF

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Here is a perfect example of the TIME@MODE concepts at work in the markets.

Count from a low and find the level where the most number of bars touch the same price.
Then draw a box around the range of the bars that touch the mode.

Use that box of accumulation to project the next rally in both time and price.

In time, count the number of bars that touch the mode. Once the market detaches from that mode you begin to count. If there are 14 bars at the mode, as in this example, you can look for the market to advance for 14 bars.

A more aggressive price-target is to count from the lowest price of the trend (start of lowest yellow arrow) to the MODE or most frequently touched price. Then use that distance to project up.

We highlighted this setup and trade in the KEY HIDDEN LEVELS chat room where we discuss TIME@MODE and KEY LEVELS (only) along with the other indicators in the KEY HIDDEN LEVELS package of indicators.

Target from here is a return to the mode.

10:33AM EST 3/8/2016

Tim West
評論: If you were in the KEY HIDDEN LEVELS CHAT ROOM, you would have seen that I went LONG EEM on 3/16 after the Fed announcement at 32.70 and then exited this morning at 33.57. It is very difficult to stay on top of every forecast I have placed here and follow up on each one. I don't know who is really following the trade. If you need updates, contact me directly especially in the Key Hidden Levels chat room.
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Hi Tim , is there any easy way to "find the level where the most number of bars touch the same price"?
I do, have it tabbed and think EEM will be of more and more importance. Sad to see the trade closed so soon not even hitting higher goals
Today was day +14.... so if you are more patient than me (most likely) then you could have hung on and exited today. You can exit 50% on the price target and 50% on the time expiration. Lots of ways to trade the Time@Mode.
2use timwest
i dont think it is patience, i think it is experience in seeing increasing risk of change. For my own i predicted the brazil run, and currently watching BRICs, Russia had a small run, India is to catchup, Turkey and brazil went really up. Brazil is quite an interesting market now as it can have an euphoria run. So i was thinking if EEM can take it to 35 (previous top)
Great post, and one of your clearest examples of Time at Mode. Thanks for that. :)
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Thinking about selling the 34 calls naked, is there a better way to play this? thanks.
timwest alex.roderick.macleod
You could sell call spreads to avoid the naked risk. Perhaps there is an ultra ETF for emerging markets that I have not looked into that is designed to go up in value when EEM goes down.
hey! could you put numbers on bars? couldnt get which bars I got to count
timwest roadtogo
Read the description again and you'll get it! The price targets were reached so you can drop the time forecast. Whichever happens first, the time expires or the price target gets reached... Or it gets stopped out...
timwest roadtogo
Count all of the bars (use TRUE RANGE) that touch the black line, which is the MODE or MOST FREQUENT price level for bars to touch. That level is a measuring 'start-point' using the range of the bars that touch the black-mode-line to measure with. See some of my many charts to understand a bit more.
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