Retest Gap short term reversal

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It appears that 8x8 is at a high. This stock recently gaped up with the previous days candle closing white. We could see a retest and the stock could possibly go higher. I could be at strong resistance and travel down or sideways. will wait for the signal.
評論: Good play. The stock came down and hit my support line I had drawn for it. I adjusted my entry last week due to Geoffrey Nance with TRADEway taught my a little bit more advanced entry strategy. This stock could carry on higher. We could see the stock start to stall a little bit if it does start to head down and start rolling a little before heading back up.
this was a great call, just noticed it a bit late, but thought some props were in order on a great call that panned out amazingly well! Nice work.
This Stock has been on a bull run since 2006, took a breath from 2014-2015, and then went back to full sprint. With the Gap on high volume don't be surprised if this decides to continue going up without pausing for a day or two or three. I agree that waiting for a confirmation in this case will be good since it is at an all time high and is now sailing uncharted waters. I like how you have your entry and exit points planned and charted.
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Dylan384 AROD01
@AROD01, thank you I agree I might only see it pull back for one day if it pull back at all since it is in such a good run.
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