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35163 539
We have nice bullish flag at previous analysis, right now bullish flag already broke up, we have new target at 12460.
Good luck
交易進行: previous analysis :
update plz)))
I saw Dana on Bali Island. She is happy to party all the time paying with btc. Nice baby girl.
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hi, I see that people are sending BTC for access to the silver group. Can you write if you really belong to it? I paid in December for access and so far Diane on her profile telegram placed only 2 charts.

The address of the silver group:
It's a scam. The photos of the other team members have changed (because the first ones were stock images) to totally different people (from a european to an asian for the person called Rendra) but the names are the same. What is going on - I mean really.
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Lol it's funny that scammer DianKemala's biggest trade was for a scam coin's exit scam, oh sweet irony. Pretty much sums up this space.
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y03n y03n
same email from goprofit max website

Rendra Azir, Cryptocurrency analyst |
I didn't pay anything but her last access has been yesterday...
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fake fake fake horn
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