EMC2 New Trade (100% Potential)

New buy set up available for EMC2.

Open trade: 0.000093

Stop: 0.000075

(1) 0.00012
(2) 0.00018

Trade carefully.
Invest only what you can afford to lose.


交易進行: 1st Target reached.

If you find this analysis useful and helps you profit, your gift is highly valued and appreciated...

BTC: 1FuixEqRubccPr9RxZpFTRAzXhwS4j2Qh3
BCH (Bitcoin cash): 1QHoxyb6eWeTUJQ7umFUSKcCZCGckfx14H
LTC: Ldqto38KKv2wibUBqdaEYN6k7EDMAfBbqm
ETH: 0xb0212a2338eaebd110adc5ca254e23396cc88cd2
交易結束:目標達成: I am trading on Bittrex. Second target reached.
100% profit.
評論: There will be a final push for EMC2.
You can target ~0.000195.

Good luck and thanks for following.
Remember to send your tips and gifts to the address above.
評論: Remember, buying at the TOP can be really risky. It is better to wait for a strong signal to buy back in or look for a new trade all together.
評論: I still don't advice new purchase here. Better consider NXT and/or XLM.

--- NXT ---

--- XLM ---
評論: Tips for beginners.. Enjoy:
評論: EMC2 looking bullish:
評論: Here you can follow the new trade:


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What is new targets?
hello. thank you for all of your trading tips. Do you feel that EMC2 has finished its correction and is now on a bull run?
+1 回覆
alanmasters CoryBourgeois
@CoryBourgeois, No. The chart is telling me that it has the possibility to break out.
Deal Alan, Would you make an update on this? It had a pump today and today is HF day
@basahand, I will consider it, but I am not inclined to do so.
+1 回覆
Ah nvm on my last post. Finally read your whole post and looked at all of the charts and see you have new projections. :D Nice, and thanks!
@vspectra, Ok, you're welcome.
Nicely done. Just found out about your site, though I got in EMC2 at .000014.

Do you think there will be another short pump to 0.0005 before the big announcement on the 19th?
@vspectra, I am no longer keeping track after I closed this trade. Sorry.
"Special announcement" coming from EMC2 on the 19th. Rumor is that they partnered with Apple. They also have a hardfork in 3 days. Pumps to $5 USD by the end of 2017 are not out of the question for EMC2 in my opinion.
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