BITTREX:EMC2BTC   Einsteinium / Bitcoin
12157 30
EMC2BTC perform bullish flag , this is very profitable pattern, sometimes it perform multiple flag (3 times)
We have temporary projection with 113% profit target at 0.00003000,
best option to buy at flag support at 0.00001419.

Fundamental :
EMC2 Hardfork at December 07
gg mate
this aged well
here we go!! :D
BrianCT amalkic83
@amalkic83, You already know! I bought at the breakout (between .0000203 - .0000205). I'm not super confident the target price will be reached, so I'm incrementally increasing my stop-loss order as the price increases (and establishes higher support levels). This way, if prices collapse before we hit the target, I'll at least come out with some profit.
Is this prediction still valid? currently i cant see that happen, its floating arround 0,143 $ for the last 3 days. i decided yesterday to jump on the bch train, which im glad btw - thanks for that. Some Input would be nice on that one
Thank you again, its following the curve nicely!
Thanks you I was not aware about the hard fork ! :)

You're one of my favorite author here, thanks for the good analysis :)
Thanks for the analysis, I already thought the fundamentals behind the coin were something worth investing in, good to see the TA matches up as well!
Dian you are so Tight. Thanks so much for this.
Fundamentals actually look ore impressive:

Dian, for once I think you're being cautious with your projection of 0.00003000 - this one really could take off.
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