EMC2 Einsteinium the last Trading idea of diankemala

I just went on the page of Diankemala. There are people still waiting for some update. Oh god.

I think she is on the Bahamas with a pineapple cocktail in her hands.

If you really don't know what to do with your falling einsteinium it seems to come back slowly. It was in a falling wedge over the last month and now it seems to decelerate and be ready to come back to new high.

I don't know what is behind this project but if you think that it is not a scam like dianscamala. Just hodl patient, it come back. RSI seems to confirm.

don't deposit money
I have a tin foil hat theory that she was never behind it but the front of a larger group of people using tradingview to funnel people into telegram groups to take their money and disappear. Very odd how one person drops off and a new one is right back on the leader board doing the same shit. Just watch it for a few months and do yourself a favor and educate yourself before gambling with your money.
This was a 12x win wasn't it? From now vague memory the advice was to take profit long before the ath. I pocketed 3x or thereabouts and got out too soon but happy with my gain and hats off to Diana. Good luck all.
She made her millions last month!
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Who is this Diana person
@MS3IV, one of the most followed traders till one month ago
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