BITTREX:EMC2BTC   Einsteinium / Bitcoin
What's Going on Guys, I got an EMC2 update for you all:

If you were one of the lucky ones to get in November and held your EMC2 coins you certainly would be feeling that 10x High (actually 40x with your initial investment considering the BTC             rise). EMC2 showed a very strong upward trend during all the volatility recently and I believe it has serious potential to rally toward the previous target of 22,500sats. Taking a look at the chart we can see that after reaching ATH             the dumps were picked up very quickly on the support lines I've marked in bright green. This to me signals a correction to the previous trend line which sat around the 0.618 Fib.

My Trade Idea:
BUY: Now or at 13,000sats
Target 1: 16,300sats
Target 2: 18,100sats.
Target 3: On your own!
SELL: 25% proportions as it could go further.
Stop loss: 11500 sats             .

IMO             this is a pretty good hype considering the potentiality of the news on Dec 17th and also that the history has shown EMC2 continues to beat expectations. Should there be some unexpectations in the market then it may drop around the 12,000sats.

FIRST CHART here so please do share your thoughts below, and I will be happy to reply! My aim is to post SHORT charts that have huge potential ahead while keeping the analysis simple and direct. Don't forget to Like and consider a Follow :)

PLEASE NOTE: Consider all trades with caution and only invest what you can afford to lose as cryptocurrency is highly unpredictable. Take profits and Invest in yourself. You can afford it, trust me. This is not Investment advice!


交易進行: New Pump has started. Adding another portion on the dips.
Any suggestion on a buy price?
@learnea, Got in under the dips at 9,000sats but after the quick rally its holding well on the 11,000 mark. Appears it will at least move higher one more time so I'm being pretty strict on my targets and stop loss. Volatile coin so trade with caution. Markets have bled so it is uncertain, but the announcement in few days may compensate any uncertainty.
It’s scamcoin
Benjiman7953 SashkaIvanov
@SashkaIvanov, Have you got any links or research that would suspect that?
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