POLONIEX:EMC2BTC   Einsteinium / Bitcoin
Nice strong looking chart!
Looks like a new cycle is coming.
This is where the magic happens, a golden cross is almost appearing at the end of the downtrend.
RSI is looking strong and bullish .

There might be 4 resistance points on the road to a new ATH             .

Good luck
評論: Things slowed down a bit because of the bearish BTC market.
The trade is still valid, if you're still in the trade, just hold and wait!
EMC2 try break the downtrade line... Main trend is bullish. Good team, good roadmap, good news that ATW Tech partnership with Einsteinium Foundation.
Fake Apple news they partnership with EMC2 is not they fault.
Proof of Work algorythm with NO crowdfunding ICOs. I think it's not a scam, 6000 satosi for 1 EMC2 is very cheap.
Buy and sell at 200.000 sat month later.
updates? did it change into a downtrend?
Crypto1337 jeanpaivaibr
Yep Still going strong on the daily, lost a little steam on 12h. I would'nt worry. Like @atrusewicz28 said, great team, and a good roadmap for this coin.
This shit is gonna pop soon! :)
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