Einsteinium (EMC2) 90% profit before the 19th? Let's moon again!

BITTREX:EMC2BTC   Einsteinium / Bitcoin
Risk: High (Be aware of it)

Hi followers,

After the great profits with the bigger alt-coins past days. It is time to analyse a smaller coin with a big potential again.

We have seen huge correction after the coin burn. Now it's time to moon one more time! EMC2 is goig to make a mind-blowing announcement December 19th and the chart is looking perfect!

Buy: Now

Target 1: 0.000130
Target 2: 0.000155
Target 3: 0.000195
Target 4: The moon, if it the news is really mind-blowing.

Support levels:
Support level 1: 0.00008960
Support level 2: 0.00008239

Please, follow and like for more trading ideas.

Questions? Just ask and your feedback is welcome.
交易結束:目標達成: First target reached. Goncrats with your profits again! I took some profit, but I've still a position in Einsteinium.
評論: Announcement will be made Dec. 19th at 12 pm PST. I expect a sharp upward movement or a rapid decline depending on the news. Use a stop loss to protect your profits or your position.
Total collapse! :(
@jelmerrr Thanks for the TA. When do you think we will see a sharp upward movement for EMC2? When I look at my chart, I see the resistance around 11200 level.
Jelmerrr caglan98
@caglan98, I think that you've spotted the same resistance as I did. The charts per exchange are sometimes slightly different. What we need is a close on the hour-chart above 0.00011418, to make a new sharp upward movement. Good luck!
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