EMC2 Small Wave Before Moon

POLONIEX:EMC2BTC   Einsteinium / Bitcoin
EMC2 has been downed for some time for last week due to Bitcoin instability. That downtrend is over now and we are looking at 80% temporary rise before we will see a higher jump this month.
交易進行: Double top reached, trade is active

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In a week we'll see EMC2 awesome growth I guess
@JFaVegaM, Expecting that too with December 19 news
As mentioned in previous post I've only been into this about a week and only made one purchase on coinbase is there anyone on here that can give me a call I have question an how to avoid the extreme fee's a friend of mine encountered, and in general just how to get the best exchange rate and lowest fee's Brad 615-585-8005
@Brad62, To withdraw to your bank, it's the only way. For cheap transfers try gdax
Brad62 CryptoManiac101
@CryptoManiac101, some one mentioned buying Litecoin on gdax or coinbase and sending that over to bittrex but I noticed the price you buy at on coinbase is allot higher that what it trades at on bittrex.
@Brad62, Different exchanges have different prices, so always check on coinbase to see what exchanges have the closest possible exchange rate. Still better to loose a few $ on sending it with gdax vs loosing money and paying % as addition
Do you think it could reach .0004?
@vspectra, Early to say
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Hmmm... You think this will take place this month?
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