Start your ENJ-ines !!

BINANCE:ENJBTC   Enjin Coin / Bitcoin
Alright, this is a little ace of mine. I had my eyes on this for almost a week. Unfortunately i had no guts to invest on it a few days ago, since i havent learn a lot about the coin, and missed a huge bump! :(

But fear no more! I was watching it for a few hours today and i got all my indicators checked 20 minutes ago.

EMA12 crossover - Checked
Higher lows on the RSI - Check (not 100% )
MACD crossover - Checked ( for some reason my graf its bugged and it always shows zeros)
Stoch RSI - checked
Up trending parabolic SAR - Checked
Last down trend line bokre - Checked ( for now )

Note that it has a LOT of side ways action and a VERY BIG recent bump! I believe on this project although its not in my real interest - trying to keep feelings out of investments!
Check the project if you are interested on this, it has a pretty promising roadmap and teams appears to deliver!

Invest at your own risk!
評論: Note that this is like a personal bet for me. Using the knowledge on a real world example!
Just wanted to share it in case anyone else was interested.
評論: As mention above it has a LOT of side ways action.
Thats not a bad thing. It just needs time.
Also, a good practice target for day trading. :)
評論: Aaaaand sideways we go. This is normal for this token and judging my BTC's recent performance i would say its a good thing, for now.
評論: First target: 3546 sats
Second target : 4445 sats
great token, lot of potential...i am watching it last 15 days, still did not jump in :(
Acel sv1rep
@sv1rep, They have a nice team and road map. I lost the big chance few days ago but not this time.. even if it goes sideways or some ther coins get a bigger pump.
@Acel, yes, same here. Good luck
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