The little $ENJ ine that could?

BINANCE:ENJBTC   Enjin Coin / Bitcoin
I posted recently that Enjin coin might hold it's pennant for support, which by the way it tried to, but was forced down by Bitcoin             4.60% and the overall crypto market. Since then ENJ             -0.02% like others has recovered and in my opinion has entered bullish territory again. Looking at the chart is has broken back above the bottom of its overall uptrend channel and broken above its Pennant . This is a very good signal for a breakout and yes we could easily come back in 12 hours to see it dip down again so take this trade with caution.

Expect turbulent waters             0.11% ahead and I recommend using a stop at the bottom of the channel. You will have to monitor the trade and continue to adjust the stop but you basically want to try and ride this channel higher and possibly even have a breakout above the channel followed by a breakout above all time highs.

Good luck.
交易進行: Target 1: $0.00004353
Target 2: $0.00005115
Stop: Trail bottom of uptrend channel.
交易結束:達到停損點: Following downtrend now and broke through bottom of channel. Trade closed.
Would be great if you can specify few targets here?
@XVGTRON, Sure thing: Target 1: $0.00004353
Target 2: $0.00005115
Stop: Trail bottom of uptrend channel.
XVGTRON TheBossTrader
@afmarko99, Thank you for all the information and the quick reply. I think the wave one and two are over and the wave 3 just started. Is the target one suggested by you a wave 3 target? Mind sharing timelines for these targets?
@XVGTRON, Apologies if I have misread the chart. I am very new to this.
VanBenno TheBossTrader
@afmarko99, This guy has two of the sketchiest coins currently out there as his username... What do people see in those two coins? I don't get it at all.
@VanBenno, No idea man. I like Enjin because of the gaming usage but mostly I'm just a trader. The technical aspects of the trades intrigue me the most.
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