ENGY looking for some action in 2018?

BITTREX:ENRGBTC   EnergyCoin / Bitcoin
216 5
Not much is known about BITTREX:ENRGBTC . It has been trading below the Daily EMA for quite a while and started gaining momentum early this week.
The MACD , RSI and STOCH signals shows an upward trend and volume has increased over the last few days.

Entry Range: 1350 - 1600
Stop Loss: 1150
Fibonacci Targets:
  • 3132
  • 4117
  • 4914
  • 5710
  • 6844
  • 8289

Lets see how this goes!

This trade is intended for my own experimentation and learning purposes.
Feedback would be very much appreciated.
交易進行: Trade is active @ 1400
Quite an interesting first day for my trade. Bitcoin decided to rally and make everything else bleed. Luckily ENRG held pretty strong and even stayed within the buy range.

Indicators are essentially unaffected on the Daily chart and ENRG is still looking bullish.All that is left to do now is wait for BTC to calm down and then ride ENRG to the top...

Haha well that is the hope!
評論: We saw some good movement yesterday and is already in 30%+ profits.
Should be an easy hold.
評論: Still not much going on here. Just hold it for now until it makes a move.
評論: Wow, we had quite a nice run over the last few days. The first target got smashed and we started facing some resistance just in front of the second target.
I'm expecting a slight pull-back down to the first target and then up again from there to target 2 and beyond.

Now would be a good time to take some profit (~50% of initial investment).

(1) 3132 **Reached**
(2) 4117
(3) 4914
(4) 5710
(5) 6844
(7) 8289
what now?
WhaiTuKay pawelunek
@pawelunek, ENRG is currently busy consolidating and returning to the base of the upward trend. Since I'm still very much in profit, it is an easy hold and could make another run in a few days.

Not much more than that. Patience is key to all trades.
Good TA, young padawan, hope you get to 50 rep soon
ioneethling ioneethling
@ioneethling, do TA on OKCash?
WhaiTuKay ioneethling
@ioneethling, I'll take a look at it for you. Thanks!
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