EOS Elliott Wave analysis.

According to my Elliott Wave count, EOS has formed 5 waves up and will soon correct. This count is supported by bearish divergence on the RSI . Although EOS made a higher high in wave 5, the RSI could not top the RSI in wave 3, signaling a loss of strength. In addition, the candlesticks are forming tweezer tops , a bearish pattern .

A possible entry target might be between the 0.618 fib an the 0.382 fib levels. This area was previous resistance and has now become support.

Possible Long Set-up:
Entry: 0.001876
Stop: 0.001790
Target: 0.002030
After examining the bigger picture, this might be an ABC correction upwards instead of a impulse wave. I think we still will get a short bounce as it is a strong support, but I don't think we will make higher highs within the next few days. A bounce target could be 0.00189.


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