If it gets over the resistance and finds support at the fibonacci level, that is strong and may signal another bump. If it stays below the trend level and meets resistance at the fibonacci level, then it will likely stall out.
評論: It's not dead in the water yet. If it can retest and push through the resistance at .00123 it might find enough strength to keep moving up.
What are your thoughts on NXT ?
RickSmash professional_n00b
@professional_n00b, It is at the bottom of a downtrend, so reversal isn't easy.
@RickSmash, this was some TA I'd done a few hours ago.

I was looking to see what your take was on it.
It was looking good but just doesn't seem to be enough volume to push through...
I appreciate the responce, Thanks for your time
RickSmash professional_n00b
@professional_n00b, How did you get that fibonacci extension? I applied it to the last move and it wasn't coming out quite like that. IMO breaking out of the bottom should be harder than what you've illustrated, so I just expected the next bump to hit some resistance. If it can manage to go sideways or upward from here instead of downward for a few hours, it might get another push.
@RickSmash, It was the trend based fib tool... I started from the lowest point of the large retracement(Wedge). There was a tail hanging down from the candle. However if you got a similar result but not quite whatI had it's because I had positioned it on a 1hr chart and wasn't 100% right on.
I had also put up another couple of fibs from the history and that one seemed to of matched up the best.
RickSmash professional_n00b
@professional_n00b, I wonder if you are using the tool properly. Point A should be the very bottom of the of the beginning of the uptrend, point B should be the top, and point c should be the end of the retracement. You should be making your way from left to right.
@RickSmash, I fully understand what you are saying, and appreciate the comment.
Keep in mind it's not always an exact science... and other indicators from chart history brought me to that conclusion.
Obviously it hasn't panned out.
RickSmash professional_n00b
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