EOS - BUY - +480% Upside Potential - Seeing the Obvious Mega Cup

Hello. So let's address the most obvious chart in the world, and that is EOS/BTC. The thesis is almost exactly the same as my prior XLM thesis, which is that we're seeing all the right ingredients for the price of EOS to quadruple.

So let's look at this cup:
1. Starting in July 2017, EOS lost 93% of is value against bitcoin in a slow, steady move that took three months to reach trough
2. For the most part of that selloff, EOS's sell volume was relatively low
3. At its trough in mid October 2017, EOS displayed unusually high buying volume , reversing its downward progression
4. In the weeks after its trough, EOS has experienced very supportive volume throughout its steady march up

Now, what's the reward?
1. EOS is roughly 2/3 of the way to fully completing the cup
2. As with most cup (and handle) formations, such as that experienced in the aforementioned XLM thesis, you can size the magnitude of the upside by the depth of the cup
3. THEREFORE, when we look at the completion of the cup and the invariable momentum that's associated w/ breaking ATHs, it's very very plausible that EOS sees nearly a 5x return from current levels

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the beauty of weekly charts. Sometimes you need to take a step back from the daily moodswings of the market and look at the groundswells of weekly price moves. In this case, we are able to see a most obvious upside for EOS. Though you may have scoffed at this thesis a few weeks ago, in the current market environment, we are seeing major price action in large cap tokens. After each of these tokens swell, investors pile into other large tokens. A 5x on EOS is not implausible. In fact, I would say that it is almost likely.

This is one of my highest conviction ideas right now. Buy EOS.
@cryptorae Nice job on this one. I hesitated on buying, since I was traveling but you nailed it. It's currently at $14. Any update on upside predictions?
cryptorae Nooflux_Stefan
@Nooflux_Stefan, Hi Stephan. Thank you for your kind words. Please see my twitter thread for my most recent thoughts on EOS. It is currently my largest holding - I have not sold at all. I'll update my TradingView thoughts soon with some targets to look for, as well as stop sale levels. Please see my tweets for what I believe to be the most reasonable price targets, and how I arrived there.

Three points about about EOS right now: First, I think it has performed admirably despite the market's volatility, which is a good sign. I think it has a strong bid supporting it. Second, overall market sentiment is bearish, leading to early profit taking in EOS and the current re-accumulation/consolidation. Third, the effect of CoinMarketCap's decision to exclude Bithumb's price from it's average price (and return) calculations is still unknown. If I had to take a guess, CMC's exclusion of Bithumb from their price calculations may be significantly damping the signals that have driven the momentum of these large cap price pumps in the past month. I hope this is not the circumstance, and I think this would be an interesting area of research.

Hope that helps for now! Stay tuned to my profile to get an alert when I update my ideas.
Just moved my neo position into EOS awaiting partnership and dawn 3.0 break out 3 in 3 weeks ladies and gentlemen. It'll start to build soon
can you please tell me the timeframe...when did beauty should fly up ??? thanks in advance for a quick response .-)
cryptorae Belcara
@Belcara, this is something that could take up to a month, which is a equivalent to a year in crypto-time. If it's any consolation, take a look at my XLM chart. I expected its bull rally to take much longer than it actually did. Once this coin goes on a run, it will run quickly and remember: Mr. Market rewards those who are patient.
Belcara cryptorae
@cryptorae, yes this is so true...thanks for your response .....i will check out your XLM chart...!
Thank you about your analysis, I just invested in EOS, and I believe in their project. I hope this does quadruple like you said :)
cryptorae wiltonso
@wiltonso, I appreciate your kind words. I'm glad that this chart sings to you as much as it does to me. I will continue to update it should my ideas change.
this is a great project and EOS is to be kept for the next 2 years min. Also STRAT. These two will make the 2018 a great year.
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