EOS bullish.

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I thought Vechain was the strongest runner out of the recent dip, but EOS is right up there with it. Both swiftly doubled in Eth value after launching out of the Jan 10 dip.

Both are now in strong uptrends and that's where one should trade. I managed to catch this very recent rally in EOS. I think it will at least test the highs before consolidating for a few days. I'll sell down to a core position and see what happens / chase a different setup.

On the chart I've attempted to adapt cycles analysis to crypto. A decent expectation would be a cup & handle formation once it reaches prior highs. Then, somewhere in the last week of January we should look for a significant low. (Don't buy dips before then!) A final shakeout before the next move.

We'll see.
評論: Another thing to note... EOS corrected for 21 agonizing days before this rally. That's a pretty long time for this market, easy for many traders to give up and chase other coins.

Well, IOTA has been correcting for 35 days, if Jan 10 was a low. Watch this one, if news and FOMO strike and make a fire, it could be even more explosive. IOTA has also been stable against the dollar, in a horizontal correction, so it's not even overly bearish to people who don't measure against Eth.

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