EOS ETH or BTC, Which to hold?

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I posted a chart of EOSBTC . This is currently in profit. However EOSETH is in a long downtrend due to the recent strength of ETH. I will reassess my EOS position if price reaches the upper parallel of this slope. If I feel that the downward trend will continue in this vehicle then I will close my position in EOS and open one in ETH.
評論: This retracement provides a low risk entry for those not already in the trade and a short term target D. This is an area in time and price to consider taking partial profit
手動結束交易: Just after I posted the chart above we had a huge drop in price. I tried manually to close my trade at 0.013 but I was unable to sell till 0.012
I hope that nobody else had this problem.
Profit for this trade: 50% (in Eth terms) in under 3 days
評論: I will look at reentering if we fall back to the support line, somewhere around 0.07 around January 16
EOS broke the downtrend channel!
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