$EOS grand fibonacci + log resistance = next target $30

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Here I have used a 'grand fib' - essentially a fib level structure using the actual fibonacci sequence. Using the initial impulse that started the bull run on $EOS I have been able to map out some interesting and confluent points of interaction. This is a style taught by @cryptopicasso.

The logarithmic trend has now turned resistance in my opinion. This now gives us potentials price tops - very useful.

On Tuesday 23rd there will be an announcement regarding EOS VC . Should this news trigger a price spike, I expect EOS to re-test this trendline . The timing also lines up with the fib level at $30
評論: Typo on chart: target should be $30.
Nice. Yeah noticed the log resistance earlier, and gotta break it for further upside beyond $30. Either that or keep bouncing off the resistance lol
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