What needs to be done for EOS to hit 40§ Each per coin.

okey so i calculated the todays current price 9.25 * total coins supply (590,376,826) EOS = Todays market cap (5 526 411 204 USD)

So i did this by putting the price of 40§ per coin * total supply (590,376,826) = 23 623 357 080 USD..

If EOS grow from 5,5 billion market cap to 23,6 billion market cap each coin would be 40$ Each.
So by 2017 the growth was huge, i think it will be even better this year, but make your own analysis this is just what i think.
im not a financial advisor. :)

EOS following the trend perfectly
The number of EOS in circulation increases by 2,000,000 per day for the next 150 days...
MaxL82 cryptale
@cryptale, Not relevant. Other positive factors will be pushing price higher...
except in May EOS coin supply will be close to 1 bln, so its price will be around 23 usd
MaxL82 bdavletov
Market cap is not a factor that determines the price, it is the opposite.
1.Jun price can easily be over 100 USD, which I personally think will be the case.
Krowna MaxL82
@MaxL82, What do you mean by Market cap not determines the price? In case of an increase in cash flow into EOS from todays market cap 5.5 bln to 23bln its a clear faktor for a demand, also, the supply will still be the same. what's your argument for that it is the opposite?
Krowna bdavletov
@bdavletov, If the supply Grows to 1 bln your right My friend ;)
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