EOS trade prediction

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Just putting my first price prediction out there to be considered , EOS - long entry from a strong support area , targeting 1ST $15.00 USD,
Should BTC break the 7100 i expect EOS to follow and will re assess my long position and most likely flip it to short if EOS $12.8 support is broken successfully.
評論: Long @ 12.95 1st TGT $15, 2nd TGT $18, 3rd TGT +$23
評論: took a small loss but reopened long @ 9.35 , should btc dive again ill close in profit and wait to see if a bottom presents itself. good luck everyone.
評論: after zooming out and considering the BTC price decline my sentiment has turned completely bearish and will be concentrating on identifying and scalping between key ranges as i believe this down channel may not complete for a few weeks yet, maybe even a few months.

Should a strong confirmed up move from BTC present itself, i will turn and burn all short positions and try to catch the rocket. in saying that though i don't see this happening at this point in time and will continue to monitor market conditions for any major changes.

best of luck.
Great, cheers. I'm on the same wavelength. If BTC continues to fall, I'll be going short on EOS. If it recovers, I'll go long on EOS between 10-11.
@DoW-, I think the range from 12.8 will hold unless BTC free falls, a bit of a speculator that i took at 12.95 but I'm happy to risk it.
DoW- kryptopiglet
@kryptopiglet, Apologies - I meant between 12-13! I'm with you.
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