EOS possible scenario

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Hi Guys,
I am bullish on EOS. While BTC is sleeping, traders are looking for good alt coins. EOS and ETH (competing coins) are good alternatives that have shown some movements recently.
As a developer, I like EOS. I think it will make to the top 3 if not 2.
To the chart, the purple lines are the targets. Blue lines will provide support if EOS retraces or goes bearish . Most are Fib lines that worked in the past as key lines. The cyan line was the point of control for a long time. Expect some zigzag around it. If you are experienced, you can also scalp around it.

I am not sure if I place the black trendline correctly, so don't take it very seriously.

Happy trading.
評論: - Bull flag in the 5 min TF.
- Local Fib lines.

評論: Previous flag broke out as expected. Watch for this pennant. It's too short time-wise. So it may create a channel before heading up. Also, watch for BTC's action. It is in a critical moment. If BTC fails, EOS will be Fxxxed up.
評論: It seems the trendline was drawn correctly. BTC is quite bullish and is going to be bullish for at least a week. This may help EOS to break above the black line sooner than I expect. On the other hand, now all the alts are recovering so EOS will not get as much attention as it did two days ago. At best, EOS will do average in the coming days, so don't expect ripple like movements from it.
評論: Today's candle might a gravestone doji!
評論: 7.8-8 might be a good entry point.
評論: I am not sure about this, but EOS may fall to 7.4xx support line. I am still bullish on EOS. Will open more long positions if EOS falls to 7.8 and will add as far down as 7.4. Stoploss: 7
評論: EOS is close to breaking the down trendline. let's see if it can manage.
評論: I took partial profit at 9.95. You do as you wish.

/Monkey :D
評論: First target reached. Enjoy riding the waves :)
評論: Second target reached. I am taking partial profit. Will add in the next major pullback.
評論: All targets reached. I am closing part of my position. I hope you made loads of profit. Congrats!
評論: I am keeping an eye on EOS. EOS has tendency to start its rally a bit earlier than other coins.
cI8DH Rainman2
@Rainman2, nice job :)
@hkh222, :X
@hkh222, looks like history might repeat after all...
cI8DH Rainman2
@Rainman2, indeed :)
If BTC fails where could EOS head to ?
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cI8DH QueenBx
@QueenBx, you have the answer :)
- Bull flag in the 5 min TF.
- Local Fib lines.

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