EOS/USD correction and looking for it's support. Don't miss out!

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Hi guys

After yesterdays bullrun EOS is looking for some support. Ideal time for new money to step in. In my opinion this asset is still way undervalued and it's gaining more and more popularity on the crypto market. It already touched the 14.2usd support level . If it drops more... Not a problem! I've set some buys on the way down to the next support level around 12.5usd. Im starting to buy more around 13.4 -13 and 12.5usd levels. I will be taking short profits on the way up. By the time we hit 15usd again my short position will be sold entirely. I hold this coin longterm too but there is money to be made short term aswell.

This all depends off course on what BTC is doing. Alts live when BTC sleeps.

Good luck.

TA über alles.
Solid plan. I too have been on a buying spree today. When Dawn 3.0 comes out in the next few weeks we will surpass the previous ATH
DeepseaDom Red_Dog
@Red_Dog, We'll have a look at the market sentiment in the next few weeks then ;)
Red_Dog DeepseaDom
@DeepseaDom, I have bought so much that I am now tapped. Hopefully this is the bottom and we can start making money again soon
DeepseaDom Red_Dog
@Red_Dog, Im not so sure about that. I believe we are going to the 8300usd area. Then a massive shoot up. I think ALTS will go sideways during BTC's bullrun until BTC decides to go sideways. Then and only then ALTS will move up. My 2 cents
Danke, nice analysis
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