$EOS 2018 vs $ETH 2017 - price targets mapped

Following from my previous charts comparing $EOS with $ETH birth fractals. I have now updated the chart with potential price targets IF we see the same % gains.

This would require a huge injection of capital into EOS and the crypto marketcap as a whole. Please take this analysis with a pinch of salt. EOS market cap along would have to be $300 billion+ in June to make this a reality.
Apr 28
評論: This fractal is now running at a greater speed than 2.2x. I didn't expect a significant breakout until the yellow vertical line on April 30th. At this rate, EOS could be heading for the second target around June 3rd (the date of the main net launch). Overall crypto marketcap would also need to move in similar waves, unless a significant amount of capital is re-positioned into EOS from other cryptos.
May 01
評論: Update on how this fractal looks following from the recent EOS correction. So far we have respected the 0.382, but I do have a buy target slightly lower at the 0.5 should that fail. Overall, if we are to continue, we should see some violent upward thrusts shortly.
what about EOS higher supply than ETH ? does that come into picture ?
rektkid mansiinator
@mansiinator, think about the entire crypto market cap back in early 2017 compared to now. there is much more money in the space today.
I have come with this same thinking since October 2017 and I agree with your analysis. Wonderful work, congratulations, keep us informed, please.
+1 回覆
+1 回覆
violent uptrend, rekt i love you
is this New eth?
MaxL82 paohoo1234
@paohoo1234, ETH and EOS are smart contract platforms but they are different in design.
No matter how crazy it sounds, this is the only EOS trend analysis posted lately that is actually on spot with prediction. I saw so many SHORT recommendations past few weeks and all failed.
Very nice comparison, keep up the good work!
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