ERA: Good Watch List Material, Could See Upside For Retest

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Looks way too oversold for me, I'm expecting to see some upside at some point from here, but it isn't a trade set up yet, until we see further bull move so bare that in mind when reading this analysis.

A lot of people wouldn't consider this because they see in that over sold and psychology kicks in. But, these are the best time to buy, every time...

-Stock look over sold, and some more. We've seen gaps, and plummets
-We're at a SR transition line now, which with the accumulation could be telling us we're going to the upside either temporarily, or for a while.

Best of luck,

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It is a good probability. At the bottom, it is a parabolic wedge. The Seller is exhausted. Huge Selling is unsustainable. Now, I am looking to test the 21 EMA and fall back to create Higher Low.
It is setting up nicely. The shorter term wavetrends need to pull back, but the day/week/monthly waves are ready to go. ECA and FSLR are also looking like good long term, thanks for the picks.
It's not ready yet, 11.86 to break for comfort.

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