My trade decision screen

CME_MINI:ES1!   標普500 E-mini期貨
Yellow = Aggressive entry
Light Blue = Conservative Entry

Short / long Entry's
Based on Microcana system. I didn't figure out what the numbers mean yet, the system gives a huge performance though

A combination of the volatility squueze end the momentum
Trade: short: When bright green bar goes to shade-green
long When bright red bar goes to shade red

Money Flow Divergence
RSI + Volume
Triangle up (green) oversold
Triangle down (red) overbought

  • Trend the broader the flield the stronger the trend
    small dots shot MA
    thick dots long MA
    bleu colord MA dots = no trend

Market facilitation index
Yellow dots MFI+Volume increases = confirm the trend
(Original Green from the
based on LazyBears indicator

Thanks to
Signals and studie's based on:
MFI Signals [seiglerj ( Money Flow )
SlingShot system by Cris Moody (integrated parts of CM_USC in the original slingshot system
MFI Index by Lazy Bear

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