Weekly update, 15.04.2018. SPX, ES1

CME_MINI:ES1!   標普500 E-mini期貨
Weekly update on the major US equity markets using the S&P500 E-mini futures index.

Stay tuned! There should be more to come

Just remember:

The information of this post is ”general advice only” and does not take individual circumstances into account so do not trade or speculate based solely on the information provided. By viewing this video you fully accept and agree that it offers general advice only and that trading the financial markets is a high risk activity and that you understand that past performance does not indicate future performance and that the value of investments and income from them may go up as well as down, and are not guaranteed.
評論: Fork backtest in process. It is do or dive here:

交易進行: I don´t like it but I have to try it =)

評論: Keeping my short active, at breakeven for now. I have a very limited access to Internet on my new place (yes, that is still possible in 2018!) hence will update this thread rather than posting new videos. Should be back around mid May

Lot of lines but almost all of them are important...

Special atention to the red fork and black fork: the pop of yesterday and today looks like a backtest for the back fork. However, the Hagopian Line of the Red fork resisted and price bounced from there. Basically, we´d need to wait for a breakout and backtest of the black fork or, if the Hagopian Line is finally broken, we will see a drop, probably below the February values... So, my shorts keep at breakeven and I´m just waiting for now
手動結束交易: Closed at breakeven as expected. No worries!

My level to watch is 2758 ES1

I share your sentiment and like your EA "Experience Analysis" take on our current situation.... The market feels a bit more bearish than bullish which sets us up nicely for a large short covering rally.
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@ACTVD, thank you Sir! Best of lucks!
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