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Season is changing. Spring is on the way. And I'm feeling bright and positive. It's a subtle shift but the small changes .. the slight correction of course.. these have the greatest potential. Most people are looking for the big hype events. By that stage it's too late. That's why you have to focus on the small changes in yourself. Notice the small corrections.. because those are the course corrections and when those happen you know you're getting in close to the bottom.

Now I am looking for projects which have hardened through the coldest winter and are exiting the hibernating bear cave with a big appetite and showing signs of new life. I'm looking for projects which have been quiet and determined. They are the ones you want to be looking out for because they're the ones who've been observing and listening and they're up to something. Plotting away like little psychopaths in the basement. You know the loud ones are trying to prove something.. usually to themselves. Hanz has been there. Hanz knows. It's the "If I can convince others then I can convince myself" thing. So I avoid telegram groups. I'm not active on chats. I make a choice, buy, walk away and be done with it and wait for my 10-1000x's to come to me.

Trading tip: I'd say around .0044 there will be some selling.. but don't stay out for long because if this idea is working we're going somewhere fast and you're going to be in pain trying to catch up later.

Read the related ETC idea this is connected to for the full text analysis. But I'll be updating this one from here.

評論: We have had a great sign & we are still more than a month away from the Airdrop.

Should you sell right on the fork? You know a lot of people will. You can fight that and hodl but lets be honest. Plebs are plebs & there'll be a race to dump. The masses aren't going to change. The question is, will a 10x from here be the end or will it just be the beginning? Is there a difference? Whatever is the case, you know you can't have a 100x without having a 10x first.

The path and cycles are interesting. On a round ball of a planet, you walk long enough away from your starting point you eventually end up back where you started. This goes with everything. Did Ethereum drift away from it's place of origin? Is Ethereum Classic the beginning and the end of Ethereum? Is death a doorway to birth? Is birth a doorway to death? Is there really a difference?

You charters are funny. You understand cycles and you can see there's this pattern in everything. But so much fucking fear still. Like you don't even see how poetic everything is. How can you fear death so strongly when it's obvious something so far beyond you is at play?
評論: We're up about 17% now already. That's nice. You could probably take profits here. Buy your girl a nice bouquet of flowers. Or maybe get her the upgrade meal at McDonalds. I know you're feeling good about this but I know that's not why you're here. We're looking for some extra 0's on the end of that percentile numerical situation we're. 17% isn't even covering the mobs payout for protection. You know what I'm talking about. You always know because you are my special friend.
評論: Entering the jet stream
i apreciate you work, is the target still achievable, 0.01 thank u.
@Hajar1, Thank you

The question I ask is not whether it is achievable, but what must I do to make this a reality? What central banks have I sat down with today to migrate their whole economy onto the Ethereum Classic blockchain?
Hajar1 hanzeholdinworth
@hanzeholdinworth, I think it's up to btc, the whole market are down bcs of it. Still 12~ days until the airdrop.......
@Hajar1, What if ETC is the new BTC?
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Hajar1 hanzeholdinworth
@hanzeholdinworth, ETH is the 2sd and the one who ll take the thrown for my opinion but if u said so it ll be etc.... I trust your opinion
@Hajar1, You could be right, also. Just remember, despite ETH having most of the dApps running on it, we are still in extremely early days of adoption.
you sir, win the award for best chart drawing I've ever scene, even complete with the road as a target path? You should win an award for this great masterpiece.
hanzeholdinworth shootinshredder
@shootinshredder, Thank you, I appreciate the kind words :)
Does a 20 BTC buy order and a 200k USD buy order count as a buy wall on Polo, regarding the ETCBTC and ETCUSD pairs of course?
mhmilo24 mhmilo24
@mhmilo24, @ 25.3 USD and 0.00308089 BTC
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