ETC | 100% Short Term | Good Way To Increase Profits

BITTREX:ETCBTC   古典以太坊 / 比特幣
This is a copy / paste of my original chart. You may have noticed that most of my charts are gone. Tradingview has decided to remove them because I included a link to my twitter account. So, uh, don't link your twitter account in your trading ideas kids.

Unfortunately I will not be able to get them back (goodbye reputation for calling a 4000% increase in ZCL             )
I've gotten a lot of messages about certain trades, so I figure I'll repost my active trades and update my older trades with new charts. This way I can still alert my awesome followers if any developments occur.
Starting with Ethereum             Classic:

No fundamentals on this one.

If you've been following my trades, or playing your cards right, you should be in a lot of profit from coins that have pumped.
Now is a time that I like to limit my exposure to risk by channeling some of those mega pumped coin profits into something that is less risky / pumped.

That's where Ethereum             Classic comes in.
Coin is only up about 60% from the local bottom.
That may seem like a lot, but when you consider most coins are up over 2x, it's not that much by comparison.

Trade Details
This is a short to mid hold for me. Short term upside looks great since we are near bottom of channel. On original posting we were at the bottom of the channel, but ETC has moved about 15% up from that entry. Top of channel is still about a 2x from here.

Position at 208k, order at 195k. Feel free to enter up to 250k

Targets: 285k, 380k, 475k,
Long Term: 545k, 950k

Stop Loss: 150k
As always, please feel free to ask me any questions you have. Always willing to have discussions with new and experienced people alike!
交易進行: Fast approaching our first target of 285k. If you followed me at 208k we are about 30% up.

I will only be taking small profits at 285k in case ETC wants to go on a mega run
評論: We are looking very bullish here. A 4 hour candle close above 1 FIB line could mean travel up to the next line.
Thanks a lot for this idea.
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Of course! Hope it has helped you make informed decisions
growth stalled
ecoinamist PRO cardan6006
Just a correction. Don't get shaken out of a good position because of slow growth.
Great advice. ETC/BTC are pumping now, you think the first target 285k could be reached on short term?
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Definitely. We're not too far now
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Thanks , I think it's for time for ETC.
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I think ETC will have a very nice run
Thank you very much for sharing this! I hope this time ETC will skyrocket!
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ecoinamist PRO winniethepool
You're welcome, glad to be of help. I'm pretty confident in at least a 2x :)
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