Does ETC worth to buy ?

BITFINEX:ETCBTC   古典以太坊 / 比特幣
ETC is a sleeping giant
Technical Analysis TF 1D:
- Price now: 0.0024 - 0.00249
- Found Symmetrical Triangle
- Trade History is crossing, buyer power is going up which means demand of this coin is rising
- Huge Major Trend up
- Elliot Waves show that huge wave is coming
- Resistance:
1. 0.0025 ( TF 30 Min )
2. 0.0027 ( TF 1D)
3. 0.0036
- Support:
1. 0.0024
2. 0.0021
3. 0.0018

Below is the News of ETC
29 January 2018: ETC will release Address to Address Messaging System
28 February 2018: ETC will introduce sidechains architecture
5 March 2018: ETC Hardfork ( https://www.reddit.com/r/EthereumClassic... ).
there will be a free airdrop for ETC holders named Callisto ( CLO ) with ratio 1:1
The problem that will be solved by the project is:
- There is no incentive for coin holders to continue to own coins which is important for "store of value" currencies.
- Interest and influence in the network are not balanced. The balance is strongly biased towards the miners.
- Lack of governance system. Cold staking protocol could serve as an intermediate step for governance system implementation

Now ETC is support by great chart and support by these great news ( TA + FA = Moon )
There will be more than 100% potential for this coin to rise ( Long Term )
i recommend you to entry this trade for LONG TERM
Target base on FIB
1. 0.0036
2. 0.0051
3. 0.0065
4. 0.0074
5. 0.0089 ( ETC ATH -0.64% expect to be great resist )
5. 0.01
TF30 min
Found: Descending Triangle
Support: 0.00251
Resist: around 0.0026
評論: Update
Resist: 0.0026 and 0.00268 TF 30 min
when it reach first target 0.0036..can we think that approximately man
kaslie elke111
@elke111, sorry i don't get it
elke111 kaslie
@kaslie, can we forecast timerange for 0.0036 target man?
elke111 kaslie
@kaslie, is it possible to etc reach 0.0036 in 10 days for example
kaslie elke111
@elke111, Oh i see
i don't have experience to forecast the timerange of my target
but let me try this
according to the chart, it will reach 0.0036 around 2 days - 12 days ( If BTC is not doing another rally, otherwise ETC will go down to support line which is 0.0018 )
because at the Dailychart elliot waves, obviously ETC is preparing for the next wave rally
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